Monday, December 20, 2010

Warning for all my friends and followers

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone know of some bad business I have encountered and had to deal with in the last several months. I've done trading in the past on Etsy and have loved it all and still don't mind trading but have learned to keep a small wall up towards those I don't know too well. I did a trade w/a fellow etsian that started in July. We agreed on doing a trade..from me a huge item that costs tons in yarn and postage and from her a small sculpture that seemed to take her forever to finish. I was ok w/the time taking a bit since I didn't need it asap and it was to represent me being pregnant w/my daughter and I wasn't due till September. Well July turned to August, turned to September and so forth and finally she said she would ship it out..a month later I still dont' have it and she tells me it's ready to be shipped but found me on a web page that supports others who have been screwed over by her. I was on there to see what others had to say to see if I was falling into the same thing. She tells me b/c of that I will not receive my item. I said well then mail my item back b/c if I can't enjoy what I asked for, she shouldn't either. She still hasn't shipped that to me a month later and so I emailed her one last time and pretty much told her thank you for screwing me over, thank you for having me work my ass on while pregnant to get this done for her and taking money from my kids..the money I spent could have been used to buy my kids xmas gifts..but now I can't. I can just say thank goodness for my parents and my friends for helping my kids have a few toys. I also told her what a good mom she is showing to her kids..that she can do this to others and set a good example. I have also read other reviews on this lady from those who have bought from her, recieved the item months later and will never buy from her again.

Please be aware of this seller and any business you may do with her that you may not end up w/your item..or if you may be months later and not worth the hassle. Her shop is ItsAllTakingShape and I'm not one to do calling out but for someone to hurt me this bad..should not hurt my friends and fellow etsians who know how to be true and faithful sellers and be so kind from the bottom of their hearts.

On another's almost xmas..and I'm working my tail off to get xmas gifts done...I've realized that I have so many family members that I may have to start in August/September next year to get everyone done in time.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don't post before then!!!

Happy Sales, Happy Blogs and Happy Crafting!!