Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Being Busy

Well for the last few weeks I have been super busy making items for trades with other awesome etsians. I'm finally down to 2 orders to complete and then I can start on making more items to stock my shop up with. I pretty much have all of August to get my shop stocked up as much as possible if sales rise like they did last year around September.
Been trying to find a school to get my daughter enrolled in for Pre-K and alot of schools in the city have had to cut costs and they have shut down several of them forcing those children to go to surrounding schools which cause no room for anyone. I decided to enroll her in a school in my mom's school district area, which is out in the country, but I like the school and figured my daughter will atleast get put on the waiting list just like my 4 yr old brother.
My mom got a call from one of the teachers the other day and she said that since there were several kids on the waiting list that they are going to go ahead and open another classroom so they can attend. So I'm super excited and called the teacher to let her know that I was going to enroll my daughter and she wrote her name down and now I just have to fill out like 10 enrollment papers, already have her backpack and then give them $25 for her school supplies.
I don't think I'm going to cry when my baby goes to school, but I will be very proud of her and hope she does super awesome! She is excited to go to school and is already picking out clothes to wear and hair accessories too lol.
On the pregnancy front, I need to get my butt to the stores and fill out registrys..guess I could possibly do them online but sometimes you find things online that aren't in stores. I have a doc appt next week and can't wait to go to see how big I'm measuring. Last time I went I was measuring 3-4 weeks behind what I actually am but baby was measuring right on time. So pretty much I have a normal size kid in a too small uterus and it hurts like crazy b/c she really has no room to move around even though she kicks me all the time.